About Us

Musik Revolution Productions was founded by Devin Yates Aka D-Note on April 7th, 2012. Around the same time he first started to plot his first album “Conscious”. D-Note was born and raised in Southwest Detroit and like tupac said, we didnt have much but we had enough. With 2 older brothers and 1 younger brother we all looked after eachother as brothers should. As we grew older we realized we are were talented in some aspects of hip hop and progressed to create music. It all started with my brother Mark Pagan Aka Gizmo. He was the first one of us to sit down and successfully put together verses and hooks for tracks he then which recorded onto shadowville beats for mixtapes. Seeing my brother do things such as this truly inspired me and i began to write my own songs around the age of 12 and 13. Our oldest Brother Jose Pagan Aka Paco also wrote music and was featured on a few songs with Gizmo aswell as myself (D-Note). As years go by Gizmo takes a different route and goes to college and obtains his associates degree in web graphics design. I continue making mixtapes but then realize that i should follow my dream and turn my music into the buisness it is today. So i started creating my own beats for my own writtens. And along the way of creating the “Conscious” Album we find out our younger brother Lucas Yates Aka Dupe¬†writes and spits aswell. This is a family of talent and diversity! Give us a chance to be heard! Spread the word and show your love and support! ¬†Feel free to contact us at anytime! From collaberation, promotion, and video editing to just straight up direct conversations and interviews! Thank you for your time and enjoy the website!